Muslim Brand: Areeqclothing!

“The mission is to spread awareness of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic art thought customized and unique Arabic prints.”

Hey guys! I am so happy to share with you another Muslim made brand, this one is completely different from the others that I collabed with but many of you were really interested in something like this.

AREEQCLOTHING, the dopest ish ever! This brand was created by an individual who wanted to offer the youth something spectacular and unique to what’s out there in the market. The mission is to spread awareness of Arabic calligraphy and Islamic art thought customized and unique Arabic prints, HOW AWESOME IS THIS??!

They were so nice to send me one of their customized hoodies in grey and gold with the word ” صبر” in arabic which means patience and faith. If you look at the pictures it looks like a normal hoodie but it’s actually THICK like it is full inside to keep you super warm. Not to mention how soft it is, like a pillow! I picked the colour and of the hoodie and the colour of the writing and their customer service was the best!

Of course I had to ask them their most selling piece and the creator of the brand told me that the most selling items is the customized hoodies with people’s names and short quotes. They use a cutting machine to cut the design and a heat press it onto clothing.


If you are wondering what makes this brand special from other Muslim clothing brands is that they all produce the same type of clothing. And this is why Areeq clothing started. So it can offer something different to young people from Arabic/customized prints to gym wear clothing. “Everyone seems to love Arabic writing on clothing!”

“My plans is to increase the publicity of my MOMSTER TRAINING gym wear and also continue doing customized/Arabic prints. Long term plan is to open a shop in the UK and hopefully worldwide!” LET’S SHOW THEM SOME SUPPORT.

You can find them on Instagram: @areeqclothing

Here is their website:

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