This summer I had the chance to go to Venice, Italy with my best friend. It was my first time traveling alone with her with no school or family, and we had amazing fun!


I am Italian and I have never seen most of it and now I want to start exploring it more. Since I live in Milan, Venice is quite close and it’s on the sea. I didn’t want to go too far yet but still have an exciting vacation.

Venice is known all over the world for its beauty. It is located across a group of 118 small islands separated by canals, connected by bridges, under which gondolas travel. The colorful streets looking like a movie set, the sea breeze, and the romantic atmosphere make Venice a breathtaking city.


There is not a lot to see in Venice if you are looking for monuments and museums, but trust me there is no reason for that. Anyway here is a list of the biggest tourist attractions of Venice:

  1. Piazza San Marco.
  2. Basilica di San Marco.
  3. Ponte di Rialto.
  4. Ponte dei sospiri.
  5. Galleria dell’Accademia.
  6. Gran Teatro la Fenice.
  7. Fabbrica dei Vetri di Murano.

Me and my best friend planned on visiting five of these (Piazza San Marco. Basilica di San Marco. Ponte dei sospiri. Galleria dell’Accademia. Fabbrica dei Vetri di Murano.) but we ended up going only to four. We skipped “Galleria dell’Accademia”, the museum, because TRUST ME ONCE YOU STEP OUT OF THE TRAIN STATION YOU WILL BE OVERWHELMED BY THE WONDERFUL CITY, no need for museums.

Every corner has a secret full of brightness, every small “Calle” has rails of stairs filled with life, every bridge a story, every shop new masks, and more art, every gelateria, and restaurant different flavors, and taste, even the smooth waves walking next to you over the sidewalk give you something. Everything about Venice would make you fall in love with it.


Venice has a huge amount of hotels, hostels, apartments that go from low to high end. I honestly don’t think you need anything luxurious. You will most probably only spend the night at the hotel and enjoy the Venetian atmosphere for the rest of the day. So, in my opinion, try to look for comfort as for location and room and low price! But book it a lot earlier!


If you don’t like seafood and fish, baby you gon’ have some troubles eating. Every restaurant had a huge selection and a lot of variety when it came to eating dishes that had anything related to the sea but not enough for dishes with meat or even vegetarian. So kinda be ready for a lot of pizza or boring pasta if you don’t like Flanders.

I really suggest you to eat as close as possible to the canals because it is so relaxing and enjoyable you will thank me for it! In case you like exploring when it comes to food, like myself, try to ask for typical dishes.

For sure you should eat fruit from the stands that start all the way from the train station down to almost the center of the floating city.


Two were the things that surprised me in my trip:

  2. VENICE IS HELLLLLLA EXPENSIVE! Venice prices are the double of Milan prices, literally!

Piazza San Marco is magnificent. You can’t tell from the pictures but once you are there you will be shocked by how big and spacious and artsy it is. This is a MUST.

Walking through the city evening when it’s almost night and shops start closing, it reveals a completly different vibe. The sense of relax you will feel here is like never before.

The island of Murano is where the precious glasses of Venice are made. It is a lovely lovely small island. Lovely I promise.

Venice was tiring from how much there was to observe and absorb. It was delightful from the sweet and romantic walks. And it was honestly the best trip of my life!



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