Buongiorno and Bismillah everybody!

I’m having the enormous pleasure to announce to you, this so much wanted collaboration with Yasminsintro! She is a beautiful blogger and mama from London, that I’ve been following for a long time now. I am so happy to share with you, her skin care routine down below! And you will find mine on her blog at this link: 

You can follow her @yasminsintro on IG and her blog:

Salam girls, so I will be talking about my skincare routine in this post and the steps that I take that suit my skin type which currently is dry / combination. I get the odd redness and breakout so I usually adjust my products accordingly but stick to the ones that work for me. I have very sensitive skin and have to be very careful what I apply on my skin so through trial and error I have come to these following steps that work:


In the mornings I try not to be very harsh on my skin I tend to use an unscented facial wash. I apply the tiniest amount and then rinse with cool water as warmer water can be rather drying to the skin.

Currently, I am using:

The Vichy Purete thermal wash which I can use daily, Lush coal face soap when I want that extra clean feel or if I feel a little break out appearing it really helps calm down the skin. I use the Chanel Lotion comfort toner to settle my skin and cleanse of any remaining dirt, it is Alcohol-free which makes it more gentle. One of my go to’s that I’m also in love with is Mario Badescu products, they have become one of my favorites as they are so good and caring to the skin. I use the whitening mask about twice a week and that is a really gentle cleansing mask.

I then in the morning moisturize usually with the Embroils cream which is perfect all round moisturizer.


For the evening, since I wear makeup a lot I have to make sure that I cleanse properly. If I am wearing light makeup I can wash my face with the Vichy face wash and then cleanse of any residue with the Chanel toner and this gives me a clean feel.

For those heavy makeup days, if I have been out, I will firstly wipe my face with a good cleansing wipe followed by a thorough wash with my Vichy Purete thermal and cool water then I use my Chanel eye makeup remover because this literally removes everything and every trace! (I can’t just use wipes to cleanse I always have to use water because I never feel it’s clean otherwise) The Chanel eye makeup remover is super gentle on the eyes then I follow up with the Chanel comfort toner to finish.

Once or twice a week alongside my Mario Badescu mask I also exfoliate, I sometimes make my own using sugar and olive oil, which works well in the evenings. To moisturize in the evenings I will use either a good cold pressed coconut oil, which is my all time fave or bio oil which I went back to recently for a change.

So that’s my routine it’s pretty straight forward and not complicated at all I think it just mainly comes down to making sure you cleanse any makeup off properly and not being too harsh on your skin with products especially if you’re sensitive like me.


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