INTERVIEW: Ayan and the art of Henna!

Ayan is a freelance Henna/Jagua Artist based in Toronto, ON. She has had a passion for art from a very young age and has always had the urge to create. Over the past two years, she decided to share her art by adorning the human body with Henna/Jagua as her medium. She creates beautiful pieces for any event, occasion or just for fun! Ayan create’s each piece using simple natural ingredients, providing you with tools and aftercare skills for the best results.

I’ve been following her for so long and I decided to finally ask her if she would agree to be interviewed by me about her beautiful talent. Here is the interview and under the video you will find her website, her social media account and a collection of her favorite henna creations done by her:

Little disclaimer: I’m sorry for the video/audio quality but we live pretty far away and the internet connection wasn’t perfet. I’m not a youtuber I just upload the video there becase it’s easier.

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