My mama: “what are you doing?”

Me: “my make up..”

My mama: “again?!”

(This convo took place repeatedly in the last few day! loooooool)


This week I wore bold make up everyday. I know what you’re thinking “but Aya.. why?..”. Well lately I noticed that I keep doing the same old make up routine: that suttle, nude, pinkish, calm style. But during highschool I used to be more cray cray with my game: dark lipstick? 63 eyeshadow colours on your eyeleds? conturing to the snatch? mastering the art of eyelining? name it and I did it! Then I watched a video of Nikkietutorials called ENDING MAKEUP SHAMING (go watch it) about people thinking that girls that wear make up are insecure or they do it for attention and that’s so not true! I’m not saying I completly agree with her, because I think we are using the world “shaming” a bit too much lately, but on the fact that GIRLS DO NOT WEAR MAKE UP BECAUSE THEY ARE INSECURE and GIRLS DO NOT WEAR MAKE UP FOR BOYS that’s a 100% sure fact. So this week I wanted to challenge myself and get out of my confort zone, play with colours and revive that old creativity I had. I really really suggest everyone that reads this post to do the same at least for one day! Take any any thing you have and use it! Get out of yourcomfort zone!


First day I looked for the most popping, glittery, shining highliter I had and almost spread it all over my face, some red lipstick and gloss and went to University (that’s actually an eyeshadow not a highliter but it looks lit).I felt like a glazed donut ahahah. People were for sure looking at me but it wasn’t in a bad way, and I got compliments in real life and on instagram!


UGH. What can I say? I tried my best but I’m not a make up artist and blue/cold colours don’t look good on me. I’m sorry if you like blue but it is really not my colour. I felt so uncomfortable and I think it probably showed out a lot during the day. I tried to go out as little as possible. This was probably the most challenging day of them all.


I loved this look. I will for sure do it again. Warm lipstick and yellow, orange halo eyeshadow. I’ve never tried yellow on my eyes before, only gold sometimes but yellow is such a beautiful pop of coulor and I really suggest anyone with a warm skin colour to try it!


A bit too much editing I know, sowwy! I wish you guys could see this look in person it was glittery, green, glowing, brown, dark burgundy, it was everything. I really liked it but the beat was too strong for just going out shopping lol.


Friday. Friday was a bit rough for me. I went to a funeral, no one really close but it was my first time and it really touched me. I didn’t wear make up going there for respect, and didn’t feel like putting any  but a little before the sun was gone I tried my best to put something together. I got a pink blush and a more orangy/peachy one and grabbed them all the way from my cheeks to my eyeleds, made a little dot of eyeliner under my eyes (DinaTokio inspired) and a simple lipstick. I was supposed to stay at home but went out with my cute mama really quick, and I felt like people were looking at me confused, but I still liked it.


Goth vibes on saturday night. No make up except a super dark purple lipstick and mascara. What would look super vampy with that lipstick? uhh yes, grey contacts! A guy at the grocery store, after telling me and my friend that we looked way more younger tried to be funny and said:”oh I would like you more without that lipstick!” GGGUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRL. OH NO. HE DIDN’T. *clapping hands while talking* containing myself from flipping the patriarchism and sexism out of his existence I just said “..what?!”. But honestly though I felt like Mortisia is here to slay ahahaha. I loved it my friends loved it and gonna do it again for sure.


Arab purple cut crease *drops the mic*. I just tried it this morning to take some pics in a good lightning and I freaking loved it! I would really see myself wear this at a traditional arab wedding but for now it’s just for a late night walk and maybe an ice cream.

Please do me a favoure tomorrow morning take a little bit more time and change up your make up routine, get uncomfortable, get wild, get colorful and push youself out of your comfort zone. It’s something really silly and small without that big of a meaning but it will really influence your day. Take a picture of your bold make up and upload it to instagram, tag me and put the #boldmakeup to share it. On my feed I will challenge a few beautiful girls to try a super bold make up, so go follow me to know what’s up.



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