“I really like your look!”- that’s what he said.


Buongiorno and bismillah,

Last thursday, as maybe some of you know, I had my first job interview ever and of course your girl had to look fresh a.f. (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can check it out here https://goo.gl/dyIb1V ).

Once I got over the initial panic of not knowing what to wear, I looked up for some ideas. I think when it comes to job interviews or formal events, there are some points to keep in mind for the perfect outfit:

  • PROFESSIONAL –  you need to look like that responsable “adult” that has her sh*t together, that’s a badass boss, and will get that job and do it better that anyone else! A good style to look for could be business casual, because you need to give a positive vibe to the interviewer. So implementing some casual pieces can make you look less strict and more down to earth.  I would personally suggest something black with a hint of colour.
  • APPROPRIATE – the outfit needs to reflect the job or the company that you are applying for. Do they dress super casual with tshirts and jeans? or do they all look like penguins? Imagine that your goal is to confuse the HR manager with your clothes into thinking you are someone that already works for them (loool). If their dress code is super easy breezy casual I still think there must be at least one formal piece in the whole outfit, maybe a blazer or a shirt.
  • SIMPLE – don’t over do it. don’t layer too much. don’t try too hard. Try to keep it simple and fresh. The most important thing in all this is that you look clean and with everything in place. I love accessories ‘cos I think details can really change the game, but as Tyra Banks said, in an old episode of ANTM, “take off the last one you put on”.
  • COMFORTABLE – I know it’s hard to look comfortable when you are in a job interview but at least try to wear something that will make you feel like that. If you have to wear heals go for your favourite shoes, the ones you know aren’t as painfull. Wear somethng that make you feel good, that makes you feel like you want to take 100 selfies cos you look so fine ma’! Remeber that when it comes to clothes wearing something that doesn’t make you feel good will show up.

Bonus advice that I didn’t find a lot of people were talking about:

  • PERSONAL STYLE – show a little bit of yourself in what you gonna wear. It doesn’t nessecerly have to be in your outfit, it could be in your smile, in your walk, in the way you act. I think that the whole outfit itself is a statement of who you are, your choices of style, colour. Every piece of cloth in your closet shows who you are. You don’t need to take a picture of a formal outfit from google, go out and buy the same identical pieces without any personality.


-small disclaimer: the job I was applying for was fashion related (so the outifit was based on that-

Shoes: Zara (last summer). These shoes…ugh.. that tone of nude in contrast with the black makes them perfect for any outfit.

Pants: Zara (probably have them since forever). Normal black skinny jeans. Classic.

Top: Street Market (nup it’s not a shop, don’t run and google it: we have these stands kind of shops in some european countries that are pretty cute and cheap). I love this top soooo much. It has the lenght, It has that flowy detail on the sleeves, it has that nice straight cut at the neck, and the stripes.

Coat: Stradivarious. I wanted to go for a blazer, but since it’s still a little cold in Milan a nice black coat with the blazer cut on the chest seemed the most appealing option.

Scarf:… honestly I don’t rember (don’t kill me please). Light pink is one of my favourites colours so that’s my personal pop of colour.

Bag: David Jones. I actually bought this cutie in a boutique in Egypt a few months ago and thought it would look nice with the shoes.

Accesories: My gold ring, I always wear it no matter what. Silverish/goldish earings from h&m and a cute little silver neckless with pink.. thingies.


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